Andean Social Welfare through cultural preservation

About Ayni

Ayni is a Quechua word for mutual aid.


We are a small, not for profit, organization founded in 2006 by botanist Hedy Hollyfield, anthropologist Barbara Wolff, and educator/artist Kathlyn Avila-Reyes.


Ayni aims to preserve cultural patrimony in Peru, and promote social welfare in Andean communities through sponsorship of cultural programs, and through sales of Peruvian art and crafts.


Your purchase of our Peruvian handicrafts and textiles supports projects at the Los Gorriones Orphanage, ANFASEP, and the University of Huamanga as well as the communities that produce, spin, dye and weave the fiber.  It helps keep Ayacucho's fiber tradition alive.

Ayni, Inc.